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Calero-MDSL Sponsors 2022 AOTMP Industry Solutions Showcase

Calero-MDSL is honored to sponsor the upcoming 2022 AOTMP Industry Solutions Showcase, taking place virtually on July 27th and 28th.

This year, Calero-MDSL is nominated for the following awards categories:

  • Telecom Vendor of the Year
  • Hottest New Telecom Solution
  • Hottest New Mobility Solution
  • Hottest New IT Solution

In addition to these nominations, we will host 3 key presentations at the event:

SaaS Expense Management: The Journey

July 27th @ 11:30AM - Presented by Mark Bellingham (VP, Product Management)

First came TEM as we knew it, meaning Telecom Expense Management. Now we are calling it “Technology Expense Management” but what does that really mean?

Mark Bellingham, VP of Product at Calero-MDSL, takes you through the thought process and strategy of how Calero-MDSL chose SaaS as its biggest bet and how it has proven ROI not only with the development effort/focus invested, but more importantly the ROI of our Customers. This is the precursor to the in-depth demo that takes place in part two of two. Both sessions can be experienced independently but do complement each other, providing the entire Calero-MDSL SaaS story.

Bellingham will discuss the digital worker and how technology expense management cannot just be the sum of its parts – there needs to be a connection between all “technologies” of a Technology Expense Management provider to be worth the investment. If TEM providers are not able to see the connection and obvious innovation path, they are going to follow the TEM pack. But focusing on the digital worker means SaaS needs to become an interictal part of the strategy – you can’t escape it. Hardware, connectivity, and applications are the most critical components of a remote/hybrid/office/traveling workforce. Mobility, Telecom, and now SaaS for the first time, gives you that full story.

Mark played a critical role in the first SaaS expense management software, from ideation to GTM, and will be explaining the process of delivering a vision through to completion.

SaaS Expense Management: Daring to Innovate

July 27th @ 3:30 PM - Presented by Mark Bellingham (VP, Product Management)

So many organizations know there is waste but don’t know where or why. In part two of the two-part Calero-MDSL SaaS Spotlight series, Mark Bellingham, shows us what SaaS Expense Management means with real-world scenarios. He will:

  1. Connect to SaaS APIs in real time from within the application
  2. View what has been uncovered at the organizational/company-wide view after going through a SaaS Single Sign On (SSO) discovery
  3. Dive into the many levels of subscription and license data, all the way to the individual employees SaaS license inventory
  4. Review reporting, forecasting, and benchmarking, in-depth visibility and actionable analysis, recommendations, right-sizing, and negotiation authority
  5. Complete a SaaS license lifecycle (onboarding, through self-certification, to return).

User experience continues to be the common thread, empowering the end user to help themselves and their organizations achieve the most intrepid goals.

Innovation in Focus: Calero-MDSL 2022 Product Development Updates

July 28th @ 11:30 AM - Presented by David Bliss (CPO)

Calero-MDSL has been developing and delivering at the speed of light. This showcase is not a “show and tell” demo or a typical roadmap review. David Bliss, Calero-MDSL Chief Product Officer, will take you through the enhancements and new products introduced in the first half of 2022, asking you to think about how these products are working for you. They are on your side. These are not just Calero-MDSL accomplishments, they are customer and end-user accomplishments. Give yourself permission to daydream about your vision and how these enhancements support working smarter not harder. Bliss will bring us back to reality on occasion, reminding us that Calero-MDSL follows the same guiding principle both with customers and employees – at the end of the day, the user experience should be prioritized above all else – Buyers, Influencers, Managers, and Users should all be happy.

The digital worker’s experience is the common denominator of Calero-MDSL’s product lines. Bliss is going to dip into the weeds of some of the most impressive innovations of the past 6 months while tying it all back to the north star Calero-MDSL vision. Recently delivered products being covered include the new Mobility Portal, SaaS Expense Management, Insight Analytics with PowerBI, along with overall interface and experience updates. Put innovation in focus for this experience.

We look forward to engaging with everyone at the event. To learn more about technology expense management, visit our solutions page.