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Nicola Whiting

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4 min read

The New Technology Standard: Why XLAs Are More Significant Than SLAs for Mobility

By Nicola Whiting on Jul 28, 2022

For businesses accustomed to traditional service level agreements (SLAs), the emergence of experience level agreements (XLAs) represents a valuable new perspective to help increase end- user satisfaction and boost productivity. Putting an XLA into place is just the first step—you also need the right mobility strategy and tools designed around the user experience to make the most of this innovative approach.

Topics: Mobility
3 min read

The Value of Managed Services in TEM: How to Simplify Technology Expense Management

By Nicola Whiting on Mar 9, 2022

Technology Expense Management (TEM) stakeholders have their plates full when it comes to managing spend, from handling invoices, to tracking thousands of technology devices, and dealing with billing discrepancies. There aren’t enough hours in the day to handle every single detail. In turn, billing errors and cost savings opportunities can fall through the cracks.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom Digital Transformation
4 min read

Importance of In-Region Delivery Support

By Nicola Whiting on Feb 22, 2021

"Chief among our gains must be reckoned this possibility of choice, the recognition of many possible ways of life, where other civilizations give a satisfactory outlet to only one temperamental type, be he mystic or soldier, businessman or artist, a civilization in which there are many standards offers a possibility of satisfactory adjustment to individuals of many different temperamental types, of diverse gifts, and varying interests."

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom SaaS
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