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Software and services aligned to each client engagement to manage multiple spend categories in a single platform.

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Gain Visibility. Leverage Automation. Reduce Costs.

As you embrace technology advancements to keep a competitive advantage, you will need to decide what partner you can trust to manage these complex relationships. This is where Calero-MDSL can help.


Inventory Management

Understand the technology you have and where you have it. Gain visibility into inventory ownership, attributes and location across spend categories though a central platform.

Small Laptop VERA Inventory CM

Expense Management

Automate the audit, approval and cost allocation process for any type of recurring expense, from invoice receipt through payment. Interface with corporate financial and AP platforms for seamless chargeback and payment reporting.

Desktop VERA Savings Management 1 CM

Order Management

Systemize technology ordering through configurable workflows or interface with leading IT Service Management (ITSM) tools. Visualize the entire procure-to-pay process and ensure accurate and up-to-date inventory.

Small Laptop VERA Mobility Management 1 CM

Usage Management

Track technology usage across voice, video and data for cost justification and chargeback. Follow trends, rate traffic, optimize usage and spot abuse in real-time through actionable data insights.

Small Laptop VERA Usage Management 1 CM

Sourcing and Procurement

Leverage the experienced team at Calero-MDSL to introduce the best technology, improve service levels and optimize costs across vendors. Establish and execute RFPs, gather quotes, benchmark responses, negotiate terms and deploy services for successful client outcomes.

Desktop Vision MDM Vision CM
We chose Calero-MDSL because they successfully demonstrated to us their extensive knowledge of Global telecom providers, contracts and billing. They go the ‘extra mile’ for their customers and the customer is always first.
Patrick O'Brien
Head of Telecoms Centre of Excellence, Danfoss
We would not have got here without the Calero-MDSL team and want to recognize their efforts in helping us achieve a successful go-live.
Rob Kordek
Director of Network Architecture, Alight
One of the greatest values is that I have a very accurate picture of all the services we provide to various departments.
Chris Magill
George Washington University
My management team was very pleased to see the volume of savings we have booked into the system and thanks for all your efforts to drive many outstanding items to a close, it truly helps me to show the value of the service.
Gary Fortune
Global Mobility Manager, SAP
Excellent TEM provider. The account and leadership team is excellent to work with and extremely willing to work through any challenges encountered to find an agreeable solution.
Sr. Director
ICT Network and Telecom, Energy and Utilities Enterprise
Calero-MDSL MMS is the best solution to maximize the value of your investment in mobility. Calero-MDSL is the right balance between capabilities, cost, security. It controls permissions of all employees by using their devices, which reduces corporate risks.
Data and Analytics Professional
Communications Enterprise
Calero-MDSL has provided us with a valuable service that has helped us to optimize our cellular service spend. They do exactly what we ask them to do. They have offloaded a significant portion of our day-to-day activities related to ordering devices, managing cellular costs, and providing reporting to our managers and end users.
Infrastructure and Operations Professional
Manufacturing Enterprise
The training sessions are on point and valuable. Audit and optimization, along with the TEM dashboards set the bar.
Manufacturing Enterprise
The day to day process of processing invoices/paying the vendors is wonderful.
Senior Analyst
Transportation Enterprise
The implementation team was over the top great to work with, accommodating and on point the entire project.
IT Manager
Manufacturing Enterprise
Telecom bills are a lot of work. Thanks to the Calero-MDSL team we are able to work through many billing challenges.
Manager, Network Engineer
Healthcare Enterprise
My ultimate goal is to have things run smoothly and efficiently across the entire communications continuum: Calero-MDSL has helped me take back control. I couldn't ask for a better account team – the people we have are exceptional. They know the platform, they know the processes and they know my goals. Collaborating with Calero-MDSL has a wonderful effect on eliminating headaches!
Telecommunications Engineer
Healthcare Enterprise

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