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Video: Mobility - Centers of Excellence

The Mobility center concentrates on the growing adoption of a multitude of different devices, services and needs.

Video: Product Innovation for the Future of Mobility

Calero-MDSL Chief Product Officer David Bliss discusses what to expect from our upcoming Managed Mobility Vision as well as delving into our 2021-2022 Mobility Roadmap.

Video: UCaaS Expense Management and the Calero-MDSL Strategic Partner Program

Join Vice President of Channel Sales, Rod Hughes as he discusses our recently released UCaaS Expense Management offering and Strategic Partner Program.

Video: A Bold New Look

A revolutionary upgrade to the Calero-MDSL user experience is here! The power to visualize and filter all of your data and drive actionable insights for your business. All this power, at your fingertips.

On-Demand Webinar: 5 Ways to Cut Costs and Maximize UCaaS Value

Are you trying to manage the cost and deployment of rapidly expanding UCaaS tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or RingCentral? Watch now to learn more!

Gartner™ Top Trends Driving Enterprise Mobility for 2022

Access the latest Gartner research with the Top Trends Driving Enterprise Mobility for 2022 report, compliments of Calero-MDSL.

Brochure: Savings Found Infographic

This global enterprise found over a million dollars in savings last year - see how they did it

Video: TEM Minute 3 - COPE

Learn about the top 3 benefits to a COPE mobile strategy in this TEM Minute.

Video: Provisioning - Centers of Excellence

The Provisioning center ensures wireline and wireless service orders are efficient, rapid and accurate every time.

Video: In Their Own Words: Calero-MDSL Customers

Hear from some of our customers as they explain some of the ways in which their Wireless Expense Management practice has improved since choosing Calero-MDSL as their expense management partner.

Video: Audit - Centers of Excellence

Audit is an essential Calero-MDSL service customers deeply depend on and highly value, enabling tremendous savings and the most optimized technology estate.

Video: What's it like to work at Calero-MDSL?

Join Global Controller Karen Howe as she discusses the office culture and professional opportunities working at Calero-MDSL.

Video: Inventory - Centers of Excellence

The inventory center is constantly improving the way in which we gather contract information and constantly maintains its accuracy.

Video: Invoice Lifecycle - Centers of Excellence

The Invoice Lifecycle center is the heart of the initiative and provides the most efficient, productive and high-quality methodologies for processing and paying invoices.

Video: Customer Value - Centers of Excellence

The Customer Value center is an internal advocate which maximizes the customer experience from end-to-end.

Video: Calero-MDSL TrueInsight

Calero-MDSL has launched TrueInsight, a revolutionary tool that creates a network map of your entire telecom network, all displayed in a single, easy to understand diagram.

Video: Hidden Savings

With a complex technology estate, it's easy to lose track of all of your outgoings and you might be paying much more than you should be. With Calero-MDSL's Expense Management Solution, you can immediately identify easy savings at the click of a button

Video: TEM Minute 2 - Selecting a TEM Vendor

In this TEM Minute, we explore critical steps in choosing a TEM provider that best fits your enterprise

On-Demand Webinar: Wireless Expense Management

Explore key trends and recommendations in wireless expense management with Calero-MDSL, Amalgam Insights, Facebook and Adobe

Video: TEM Minute 1 - The Right TEM Provider

In this TEM Minute, we discuss the advantages of choosing TEM and how you can benefit from providers

Solution Sheet: Managed Bill Pay

Reduce administrative burden and stay in control of your recurring technology invoices

Video: Next Level UCaaS Expense Management for Zoom - UC Today News

Calero-MDSL meets with UC Today to discuss the importance and benefits of UCaaS Expense Management in the technology world.

eBook: How to Select and Switch TEM Providers - a Guide to Maximizing Value and Service

This eBook provides the tools a business needs to evaluate and select a TEM provider that will bring maximum value to your organization

Video: 1-Minute Solution Demo - TrueSense

Compare rates and service levels to validate pricing and take action when negotiating pricing with carriers

Video: 1-Minute Solution Demo - Savings Management

Access reporting to gain insight into your entire dispute lifecycle

Video: 1-Minute Solution Demo - Invoice Management

Our solution allows you to automate manual tasks that go into allocating and reconciling invoices

Video: 1-Minute Solution Demo - Mobility Management Analytics

Make strategic decisions for your user base by utilizing these analytics in the Calero-MDSL Managed Mobility Services solution

Video: 1-Minute Solution Demo - Inventory Management Analytics

See the various invoice analytics across spend categories that Calero-MDSL offers in our TEM solution platform

Video: 1-Minute Solution Demo - Intro to the System

Learn how we connect your inventory, invoices, contracts and more in our single-platform solution

Video: Mid-Year Company Update with CEO Scott Gilbert

Calero-MDSL CEO Scott Gilbert shares our mid-year company update

Video: Managed Bill Pay

Reduce the effort, cost and timeframe associated with paying invoices by letting Calero-MDSL take the reigns

Video: Calero-MDSL Managed Bill Pay

Chief Financial Officer Brian Brady discusses Managed Bill Pay from Calero-MDSL

Solution Sheet: TrueInsight

TrueInsight from Calero-MDSL allows you to rapidly create a network map showing your entire Telecom inventory with unparalleled accuracy, including locations circuits, telephone numbers and more

Video: MDM Contract Management

With MDM Contract Management from Calero-MDSL, you'll have peace of mind and stay fully informed

Video: UCaaS & SaaS Management in a Post-COVID Era - Step 3: Optimize

Now that you have visibility and processes in place, it's time to optimize your UCaaS and SaaS usage and spend

Video: UCaaS & SaaS Management in a Post-COVID Era - Step 2: Manage

Develop structure around Saas/UCaaS expenditure and usage with these tips

2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Managed Mobility Services, Global

The latest Gartner Critical Capabilities for Managed Mobility Services, Global report is a powerful resource for evaluating MMS providers and understanding which services you should be looking for.

Video: UCaaS & SaaS Management in a Post-COVID Era - Step 1: Discover

We've put together a step-by-step process that helps to help you develop a SaaS and UCaaS strategy, including real-time visibility into your assets

Video: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement - Convenience

With all transaction traveling through one portal, your mobility solution becomes indispensable

Video: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement - Quality

When an end-user requests a new device or line of service through their self-service portal, eBonding automatically routes for approval

Video: National Healthcare and Senior Living Provider Success Story

See how Calero-MDSL transformed TEM for the entire estate of a national healthcare and senior living provider

Success Story: National Healthcare and Senior Living Provider

After a major data provider failed to deliver on the committed reduction in TEM expenses for this national healthcare and senior care living provider, the telecommunications expert was tasked with rectifying the issue

Video: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement - Risk Management

Your manual order processing is only as healthy and available as your people - how can you be sure your workforce at home is secure?

Whitepaper: Discover, Manage and Optimize: UCaaS and SaaS Spend Management in the Post-COVID Era

We’ve put together a step-by-step process to help you transform your UCaaS strategy

Video: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement - Reliance

eBonding allows for concise, quantitative visibility with minimal human interaction

Video: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement - Scale

eBonding allows your organization to scale with less orders and manual efforts

Video: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement - Cost

The switch to eBonding eliminates costs associated with manual ordering by completely automating and transforming the procurement process

Video: Calero-MDSL Managed Mobility Services

EVP of Product Management, David Bliss discusses Managed Mobility Services from Calero-MDSL

Video: Calero-MDSL Smart Automation

EVP of Product Management, David Bliss discusses Smart Automation from Calero-MDSL

Video: Calero-MDSL Centers of Excellence

EVP of Operations, Patrick Mulvehill discusses the Centers of Excellence initiative from Calero-MDSL

Video: Scottish Government Success Story

The Scottish Government has an infrastructure that supports 13,000 users and implemented a TEM solution from Calero-MDSL

Success Story: Healthcare Equipment Provider

Learn how Calero-MDSL delivers visibility, control and adaptability for a major healthcare equipment provider

On-Demand Webinar: 2021 and Beyond: Hot Trends In Mobility Management

Join our panel of experts as they discuss emerging mobility technologies and how you can begin to incorporate them into your Mobility Management strategy today

Video: George Washington University Success Story

The George Washington University needed a solution to give them the ability to manage their whole telecom environment in a much more structured manner.

Brochure: Mobile Savings Infographic

Read more on our top tips for finding hidden mobile savings

Video: Calero-MDSL 2021 Roadmap

David Bliss shares information on what Calero-MDSL has planned for 2021

Analyst Report: AOTMP®'s Beyond Buzzwords: How Calero-MDSL's Innovation Delivers Value to You

AOTMP® dives into what innovation means at Calero-MDSL

Whitepaper: The History, Evolution & Future of SaaS

A closer look into what the future holds for SaaS expenses and what this could mean for your enterprise

Brochure: Enterprise Mobility Infographic

Learn more about the ways Managed Mobility Services (MMS) drives success for your enterprise

On-Demand Webinar: Ditch The Do It Yourself

Join Calero-MDSL and our panel of experts in this short on-demand webinar to discuss real-world examples of how a technology expense management (TEM) solution can improve your business

Video: Telecom Expense Management from Calero-MDSL

From one-time strategic projects to full outsourcing of your business processes, Calero-MDSL can provide the flexible support to unleash the full potential of your TEM solution and achieve a full return on investment in the shortest possible time frame.

Video: Calero-MDSL's Financial Technology Expense Management Products

Gain the clarity you need to make the right decisions at the right time and the confidence that you're always compliant with Calero-MDSL's suite of Financial Technology Expense Management products.

Analyst Report: Key Recommendations for Managing IT Costs

A closer look at Amalgam Insights' 2021 technology expense predictions and why flexibility will be the name of the game for IT professionals

Whitepaper: 6 Ways eBonding Transforms Procurement During The Age of COVID-19 (and beyond)

The future of work culture during and beyond the pandemic will always have a need for flexibility and optimization

Video: Introducing UCaaS Expense Management

Your enterprise may not have the visibility you need to understand which UCaaS services are being used, how they are being used, and how much it's costing - it's time to fix that

Video: Finding the Right Global Helpdesk Solution

Seek out a global helpdesk solution that allows for a single, consistent end user experience

Video: Introducing New Inventory Assets

It's important that enterprises do not track traditional mobile and wireline assets in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or other asset management tool

Solution Sheet: UCaaS

Calero-MDSL's UCaaS and SaaS solutions provide unified visibility of spend for subscriptions, variable teleconferencing and call usage

Lösungsblatt: UCaaS

Die UCaaS- und SaaS-Lösungen von Calero-MDSL bieten eine einheitliche Sichtbarkeit der Ausgaben für Abonnements, variable Telekonferenzen und Anrufnutzung.

Video: Consolidation of Enterprise Services

As enterprises start merging internal teams together, new "Connect Services" teams of the future will be formed

Video: Centralized Global Provisioning

Having trouble finding devices readily available? Centralize your mobile and wireline contracts, device availability and cellular supporting services

Success Story: Valmont Industries

Calero-MDSL harnesses Technology Expense Management to deliver enterprise-wide visibility and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for Valmont Industries

Video: Budgeting Mobility for the New Workplace

Enterprise mobility budgets experienced a lot of change in 2020. In 2021, what should you take into consideration when planning?

Whitepaper: Managing Technology Expenses as a Multinational

Learn how you can better manage your technology expenses when operating in various countries

Success Story: TrueSense Sample

A technology company was able to stop the guessing game with help from this enterprise telecom benchmarking solution

Solution Sheet: TrueSense

Search and analyze product and service rates in our powerful, anonymized database to ensure you are getting the best possible telecom rates

Whitepaper: New Technologies Expand the Key Role of TEM

TEM and the Digital Transformation Collection - Part 4

Video: Truesense Benchmarking

Compare prices against industry benchmarks to bring clarity to the complexity of regional and carrier-specific fluctuations

Brochure: Timeline for Success - Mapping the RFP Process

A quick guide that will help you start the buying process earlier in the contract cycle when issuing an RFP for a TEM vendor

Brochure: Calero-MDSL

Complex Problems. Simple Solutions. Welcome to Calero-MDSL

Brochure: Calero-MDSL (Français)

Problèmes complexes, Solutions simples, Bienvenu chez Calero-MDSL

Broschüre: Calero-MDSL (Deutsch)

Komplexe Probleme. Einfache Lösungen. Willkommen bei Calero-MDSL

Whitepaper: What to Avoid When Selecting a TEM Vendor

Wouldn’t it be great if your company could benefit by realizing savings from your TEM program faster?

Solution Sheet: Telecom Expense Management

Calero-MDSL's solution for enterprise communications gives you the insights you need to drive efficiency and savings

Fiche solution: Télécom

Les solutions pour les communications d’entreprise de Calero-MDSL vous donnent toutes les informations nécessaires pour gagner en efficacité et économie

Lösungsblatt: Telekommunikation

Mit der Telekommunikations-Lösung von Calero-MDSL erhalten Unternehmen maximale Transparenz, um Kosten zu sparen und die Effizienz zu steigern

Success Story: MoneyGram

Calero-MDSL delivers the payback for global financial powerhouse MoneyGram

Solution Sheet: Market Data Management

Calero-MDSL's MDM solution brings a range of powerful, built-in tools to mitigate risk, ensure compliance and streamline the management of your market data

Success Story: City of Minneapolis

Major City’s search for a Call Accounting and Wireless Management solution

Solution Sheet: Managed Mobility Services

With our MMS solution, Calero-MDSL manages the full lifecycle of enterprise mobile devices from procurement through retirement while controlling costs

Fiche solution: Mobilité

Avec notre solution MMS, Calero-MDSL gère tout le cycle de vie de vos appareils mobiles de l’achat au retrait en passant par le contrôle des couts

Lösungsblatt: Mobilität

Mit der MMS-Lösung von Calero-MDSL können Unternehmen den gesamten Lebenszyklus ihrer mobilen Geräte von der Beschaffung bis hin zur Stilllegung kostenoptimiert verwalten

Whitepaper: Benefits of Expense Management Across Spend Categories

TEM has transformed to encompass all technology expenses across spend categories. Learn why they are interdependent and the consequences of losing control and visibility.

Video: Managing Multiple Spend Categories

Our single platform allows you to ingest and mine data from different sources with enterprise-wide impact

Video: You Deserve Better

Are you really getting the personal attention you deserve from your TEM provider? We think you deserve more. Not only more, we think you deserve better

Whitepaper: Reinventing the TEM Organization to Adapt to Accelerating Technology Advances

Part Four of the TEM and Digital Transformation Collection

Success Story: Alight

Leading cloud-based HR solutions provider needed to expedite implementation and centralize management of their recurring technology expenses

Video: How Alight Solutions Achieved Success with Calero-MDSL

Leading cloud-based HR solutions provider Alight achieved an expedited implementation and centralized the management of their recurring technology expenses

Whitepaper: New Technologies Expand the Key Role of TEM

Part Three of the TEM and Digital Transformation Collection

Whitepaper: New Telecom Technologies New TEM Challenges

Part Two of the TEM and Digital Transformation Collection

Success Story: IWG (Formerly Regus)

How IWG approached reducing telecom spend with phenomenal results year-over-year

Success Story: The Scottish Government

TEM program supports technology transformation initiatives and delivers significant savings

Whitepaper: Continuing the Evolution of TEM

Part One of the TEM and Digital Transformation Collection

Whitepaper: Index Data Licensing - The New Complexity

Learn how to make informed and efficient decisions about index data and ensure compliance

Success Story: US Navy

U.S. Navy’s AT&T usage reporting solution powered by Calero-MDSL

Whitepaper: More to Plan For With 5G Than Just 5G

A closer look and dive into the future of telecom with a focus on 5G, IoT and Cloud

Success Story: Nexstar (formerly Media General)

Nexstar (formerly Media General) cut communications expenses by 10% and improved pricing, aggregated billing and gained better visibility

Success Story: Danfoss

Danfoss was able to achieve greater business impact and optimization, aligned strategies, improved vendor performance and minimized risk from a sustainable TEM solution

Success Story: Carnegie Mellon

Making it easy for the Carnegie Mellon Telecom team to identify billing errors and eliminate old and inaccurate data

Success Story: Index License Management

A global investment bank wanted to bring order to the chaos of their index licensing reporting and usage, so Calero-MDSL helped them accomplish these goals with an adjacent MDM technology called ILM

Video: Ongoing Savings

We do the hard, but necessary work, to make sure you get the most value from your investment in the first year and see the appropriate amount of savings thereafter

Success Story: Henry Schein

Over $7.2 million in savings using a Wireless Expense Management Solution

Whitepaper: Past Present and Future Inventory Management

You can't manage what you can't measure. Learn how inventory management has changed and how you can prepare for the future

Whitepaper: Creating and Maintaining a Strong Mobile Device Policy

Your Mobile Device Policy is every bit as important as the devices themselves, the communication services they connect to, or the continued success of your business

Success Story: Henry Ford Health System

Health system achieves time and dollar savings with an integrated TEM solution

Success Story: Thorntons

Telecom Contract Management delivers savings of 24% of spend for UK’s largest chocolate manufacturer

Success Story: SAP

A series of successes for SAP including a smooth migration, new found confidence and greater visibility to drive increased automation and savings

Whitepaper: Critical Concerns Change When Controlling Cloud

Learn why establishing and maintaining proper controls over your cloud services spend is more effective and insightful than manual tracking

Success Story: State of Arizona

State Government looks to centralize and automate processes using Calero-MDSL software and managed services to bill back state agencies and operate at zero budget

Success Story: George Washington University

Calero-MDSL solutions bring added control and visibility to George Washington University

Whitepaper: Top 13 Ways to Prepare for the Switch from One TEM Vendor to Another

Shifting to a new TEM provider doesn’t have to be scary. The combination of preparation and an effective vendor partnership can go a long way in simplifying this process

Whitepaper: How Software & Automation Solve the Enterprise Mobility Challenge

Learn about the many challenges facing enterprises today and how having the right software enabled technology and automated processes in place can help you be more successful in managing mobility on a global scale

Success Story: Buy-Side Financial Services

International financial services firm implements Market Data Manager to achieve transparency and control over global spend

On-Demand Webinar: Enterprise Mobility

The rise of eSIM and UEM have shown to be significant drivers of enterprise digital transformation

Video: What Enterprises Should Start Thinking About as 5G Moves Towards Becoming a Reality

5G promises to drive incredible growth in the sheer number of devices under management.Identify why and how 5G technology should be deployed for your business.

Video: Ditch Manual Processes to Give Your Business a Boost with Automation

Automation has expanded technology professionals' capabilities, allowing them to performs at their highest potential.

Video: BYOD vs CYOD vs COBO vs COPE

How to Know When to Change or Adjust Your Mobile Strategy

Video: Elevating the Role of Procurement and Sourcing

Learn how procurement and sourcing take a greater leadership role and go beyond admin work and tactics

Video: Unlock Your Telecom Budget with Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting covers gaps in the team and provides assistance when you need it mostWhile a full TEM solution provides ongoing cost control, automation and streamlined processes

Video: Why Telecom Audits Alone Are Not Enough

Telecom audits are manual processes that are not one stop solution.A technology expense management solution provides ongoing value with automation and centralized data management.For long-term solution to optimize telecom expenses and deliver greater returns contact Calero-MDSL today.

Video: Calero-MDSL Company Overview

Hear from CEO Scott Gilbert as he discusses the evolution of Calero-MDSL in 2021 at our quarterly "Executive Experiences" event