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Creating and Maintaining a Strong Mobile Device Policy

You’ve left something out! Something so important to your mobile device initiative that you would be best advised not to allow anyone to use any smartphone, tablet, or laptop until you’ve taken care of it.

It’s your Mobile Device Policy, a document that defines everyone’s rights, responsibilities, and accountability when using any mobile device on behalf of your company. It’s every bit as important as the devices themselves, the communication services they connect to, or the continued success of your business.

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Choice of Devices

Your device policy must have enough agility to adapt.  There are several categories of considerations which must be taken into account when deciding which and how many devices to approve. 


Not only is the ownership of the device a consideration, so is the price paid monthly for access services, and who pays it. This creates a simple decision table containing key questions. 

Failure to Offboard

Perhaps the most common policy error is the failure on the part of so many companies to properly and completely offboard departing employees from their network.


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