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TEM Cost Savings - 1. The Blindingly Obvious

May 6, 2016

Bob asks for a smartwatch. Bob wishes he didn’t have to take his phone out of his pocket and enter his passcode every time it vibrates, especially when it just turns out to be an inappropriate selfie from Shaun. Stop it, Shaun.

The Manager thinks a smartwatch is an unnecessary expense. The Manager also thinks he’d better not slam the door too hard in an employee’s face, or he might find fish in his briefcase again.

Bob says having smartwatches shows a company is progressive and tech-savvy. Bob wishes he could covertly read important emails in boring meetings without causing offence.

 The Manager thinks the telecom spend is high enough already. The Manager thinks he probably got that door slam just right; firm but not excessively loud.

'Surely there are much better examples of unnecessary expense?' says Bob. 'Surely there are some Blindingly Obvious Savings?'

Well, I'm glad you asked that, Bob. 

  • Ex-employees’ Telecoms

Shaun is still sending inappropriate selfies from his company number, and he hasn’t worked here for 3 months - not since he left fish in The Manager’s briefcase. And speak of the devil, here's one of him by the Taj Mahal! Oh, that's not pretty... 


  • Circuits you don’t use and don’t need:

Linda keeps ruining her work phones in ever-expanding bodies of water:

  1. Toilet
  2. Hot Tub
  3. Swimming Pool
  4. Lake

She's got a new contract each time, but Linda's forgotten to cancel her old ones. Watch out for that seagull Linda!

  • Circuits you don’t own

The company is still being billed for the telecoms of the building's previous occupier; a telemarketing firm. That's unfortunate...

The company is also still being billed for the telecoms at their former office, now occupied by... a telemarketing firm. Oh dear...

These three areas are where most savings are realized in the first year of implementing a TEM solution. The initial data cleanse stage can make a very significant difference to your telecom spend.

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Written by Joel Sadler