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Technology Expense Reporting: Why User-Customizable?

Dec 16, 2016

MDSL's new Smart Dashboard reporting allows users to create their own dashboards from scratch. As long as the data points exist in their TEM inventory, users can immediately display information about their technology estate however they want.

But why invest considerable time, development cost and testing into producing user-customizable dashboards, and writing an interface to allow the product to be used without technical knowledge?

Although it's important to focus on what represents best practice, one size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to TEM reporting. As much thought and discussion goes into producing standardized KPIs to control and understand your technology estate, different enterprises (and their C-Level Executives) will inevitably have different demands. 'Customizable' allows you to explore avenues you otherwise wouldn't have - there might be something very specific to your company which you wouldn't be drawn to by following only best practices.

MDSL users can make independent changes to their dashboards in seconds, instead of months it can take on more limited solutions, a reflection of MDSL's commitment to drive efficiencies by cutting out the middleman and unnecessary interactions. There's no need to ask your point of contact at your TEM vendor to ask their development team to add a simple change to their queue, and so time is saved for both client and vendor.

The ease of presenting data from within our platform negates the need to wait for data to export to other programs, and as changes to dashboard can be made instantly, the user has the ability to answer questions by displaying data immediately - even mid-presentation.



As well as time,  changes to dashboards on non-customizable solutions will inevitably incur a development cost. More restrictive vendors will outright refuse, or have the customer foot the bill for those changes.

A major catalyst for customizable is the evolution of Telecom Expense Management into Technology Expense Management. As MDSL diversifies, bringing more categories of technology onto its platform to help enterprises understand the Total Cost of Ownership for an entire technology estate, it will be more complicated to find a generic dashboard which meets everybody's needs.

MDSL's Extensible Platform

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  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Telecoms
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  • IT Hardware
  • Market Data

The way in which telecoms are used are currently quite narrow - calls, texts and data - and so we can create standardized reports with visualizations and KPIs which are useful to all customers. However, with the explosion in the number of IoT devices, and the variety of different ways in which they're used, generic dashboards will not suffice. As we see devices increasingly used extrospectively (used in an enterprise's products), enterprises will need to see all the devices which fit under each of their specific IoT initiatives, for example to monitor individual fleets of connected cars and see if they're justifying their IoT expense.


MDSL's new Smart Dashboards allow users to visualize data from multiple categories of technology in one report.

Ultimately, customizable is what our customers want. As one said at a User Group event earlier in the year: “The more you can access information, the more information you want to be able to see. There’s been frustration that some of the canned reports you can’t develop yourself.”

We're all too aware we're in an age of tech customers who say less of ‘It would be good if it could do that’ and more of ''Why can’t it do that?'

Find out more about User-Customization here:

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Written by Joel Sadler