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[Webinar] On the Road to Recovery – 2021 TEM Market Predictions

Nov 11, 2020

Every department this year faced the challenges of cutting and reallocating technology costs between the demands of COVID, remote work, fundamental business changes, and digital transformation. As we start the road to recovery, recuperate from an overwhelming political election cycle, and bring up the new normal, key market trends will affect your telecom, mobility, cloud, and application expense and finance strategy.

Hear from members of the Calero-MDSL Leadership Team and Hyoun Park, CEO and Chief Analyst at Amalgam Insights.

Led by analyst Hyoun Park, this 30-minute interactive session explores present trends, unique complexities inside the technology expense management industry, and specific customer demands that Calero-MDSL saw in 2020. The session also contains a focused discussion centered around Amalgam Insights’ top 2021 predictions and future trends for technology expense management.

Viewers will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of present and future trends in technology expense management
  • Learn about peers' experiences over the past year to spark ideas and get inspiration to tackle new challenges
  • Find out what areas of digital spend are most important to the C-Suite and how to bring the best practices of TEM to an increasingly dispersed technology spend environment
  • Understand how global financial and political trends will affect their spend strategies in 2021

View US Session Recording

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Written by Calero-MDSL