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[Webinar] On-Demand Webinar: Ditch The "Do It Yourself"

Are you managing your technology expenses in-house, and are you finding that lack of insight into capacity and poorly integrated systems slow down productivity? You are not alone in this struggle, and this might not be the best strategy for your organization's long-term success.

Gartner states that "Communications services consume up to 20% of an IT budget, and up to 10% of those expenses are wasted due to poor process, efficiency and control."

Join Calero-MDSL and our panel of experts in this short on-demand webinar to discuss real-world examples of how a technology expense management (TEM) solution can improve processes, drive efficiency, and give you greater control of your technology assets.

Key Topics

  • Spend Landscape and market trends
  • Challenges faced by enterprises with no TEM solution
  • Benefits of having a TEM solution
  • Calero-MDSL Onboarding

Watch the recording here!