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Virtues of purchasing an MDSL solution through a Channel Partner.

Mar 21, 2016

How Channel Partners work

MDSL manages an active partner programme for TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solutions, to drive innovation, support successful global implementations and encourage seamless Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and integration.
We provide the software platform, and our Channel Partners manage it.


If you have an association with one of our partners, purchasing our TEM solution through them can help to further strengthen your relationship and also provide a number of other benefits. Some Channel Partners offer our solution as part of a wider systems integration package or outsourcing process, with many other services to help streamline your business. Also, having multiple services provided by the same company presents an opportunity for greater visibility of telecoms expenses as a whole, and negates the need for multiple contracts with different companies.


Our Channel Partners have greater resources available to dedicate to your organisation, taking advantage of MDSL’s world-leading solutions and helping to deliver a smooth implementation.  Using partners to manage our solution allows us to maintain our focus on innovation and development.


Our Channel Partners allow us to expand our global presence and help us to better implement our solutions all around the world. They can provide you with local consultants who understand country-by-country practices and speak the same first language as your end-users, ensuring good communication and support.

Written by Joel Sadler