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Unlock your Telecom Budget with Strategic Consulting

Jul 2, 2018

Large organizations face a number of challenges in improving their telecom environments and increasingly must balance providing reliable, modern technology to end users while keeping costs in check.

Developing more forensic analysis of billing, contract negotiation, and usage can release significant value back to corporate IT departments. However, telecom managers must contend with time and budget constraints to hire and train the staff capable of conducting these activities.

Overcoming the Resource Hurdle

Many successful organizations overcome this problem by engaging a ready-made team of experts from a telecom expense management (TEM) provider to perform ad hoc audits to analyze and optimize usage and help them understand their technology environment. This affords businesses with greater flexibility than finding resources internally and allows them to lean on a team with extensive industry knowledge, experience with different vendors and best practice processes.

A variety of these services are results-based with no upfront costs. For example, MDSL offers a ‘no-risk historical audit’ to recover credits for inevitable misbilling and overcharges from your providers. This can be a great way to fix broken budget, find money to fuel an ongoing TEM program, or provide the technology expertise your organization needs to continue to drive forward.

Flexible Support for Your Business

Whether you’re looking for hard cost savings, enhanced reporting visibility, help with telecom vendor selection, process improvement, or industry advice, there are a number of services available to match your exact needs:

  • Inventory Build.

    Survey your sites and build out a physical inventory to provide a holistic view of your technology and services
  • Telecom Audit.

    Historical audit, tariff analysis, slamming/cramming identification, traffic analysis, network optimization and existing contract analysis
  • Mobile Plan Optimization.

    Verify that your users are on the appropriate plans and receiving the appropriate service levels while optimizing voice/data pools
  • Unified Communications Usage Analysis.

    Analyze usage and traffic for in-depth visibility of on-net expense to maximize savings and improve ongoing management
  • Services Recommendations.

    Analyze your current environment for underutilized and legacy services and make recommendations for maximum savings
  • Contract Negotiation.

    Provides benchmarking and savings recommendations for upcoming negotiations
  • RFP Management.

    Manage your entire RFP process, identifying the best vendors, rates and service levels and ultimately implement and verify the changes
  • Service Validation and No-Use Identification.

    Analyze the entire history of users, devices, extensions, and assets with on-demand and scheduled reporting features

Drive Ongoing Technology Success

Many enterprises rely on strategic consulting to cover gaps in their team and provide prompt assistance when and where they need it most. Others are able to utilize savings achieved through consulting projects to implement a full telecom expense management (TEM) solution and provide ongoing cost control, automation, and streamlined processes to manage their telecom environment.

Finding the Right Provider

Strategic consulting can have a huge impact on visibility, cost and end user experience, so it’s important to pick the right provider to help unlock your budget and be the extension to your team when and where you need it most.

The footprint of the vendor is an important consideration to ensure a successful engagement. Are they capable of providing a consistent service across your global locations and experienced in dealing with local languages, vendors, currencies, cultures and regulations?

Companies also need to consider the range of services available from a provider, and whether they are sufficient for their needs now and in the future. It’s important to establish if support is offered for both fixed and mobile telecom as well other technologies supporting digital transformation, including  cloud, IT assets and IoT.

For a free consultation contact a member of our expert team today and begin to unlock your telecom budget.

Written by Joel Sadler