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TEM professionals meeting
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February 21 Webinar: The Tale of Two Successful TEM Migrations

Jan 8, 2019

Most IT professionals know the implementation of an expense management program can sometimes be difficult, especially with the number of people, processes, and software requirements involved. For most, they also dread the notion of starting from scratch when the current vendor doesn’t live up to their promises. However, it’s possible to have a successful migration. The key is to pick a provider that has historical knowledge, can identify the necessary steps, and get you to deployment with less headaches. 

Join Josh Sokoloff, VP of Professional Services with MDSL, on February 21 for a webinar where he will review two client implementations of varying size and complexity that came from the same TEM provider. 

Attendees will learn: 

• What you can look for from your new vendor 
• The questions your vendor should be asking you 
• The time frames you can expect 
• What counsel you can expect from your vendor at each process stage 


Written by Calero-MDSL