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TEM: More than Cost Savings

Jan 3, 2017

Most prospective customers primarily associate a TEM solution with cost savings, but there are other important benefits TEM can provide to enterprises.

Automation & Efficiency

An important feature of any TEM solution is its ability to simplify and automate labour-intensive tasks, and to make your 'business day as usual' easier.

MDSLs eBonding automates and simplifies the interactions between your employees and your Communications Service Providers (CSPs). It provides a structure and process by which the user can request and receive exactly what they need, whether it be to order new devices, add roaming quickly to avoid expensive overage charges, or ensure contracts are canceled or changed before the auto-renewal date. Your company might receive hundreds or even thousands of these requests each week, but there’s no need to tie up a large chunk of your workforce and maintain an expensive department dedicated to handling requests when the entire process can be automated. Because the employee is guided through the request process by TEM to specify the exact changes they need, there’s no back and forth between the CSP, internal IT and the end-user to confirm details. eBonding ensures that employees provide CSPs with all the information required to process their request. The entire process is trackable by the employee, so there’s no need to chase up I.T, and you can avoid complications such as frustrated employees going direct to your CSP, resulting in unexpected expense claims or duplicated requests.

Automated Invoice Processing loads and checks all your invoices, and handles the complications of file types, currencies and exchange rates for you.

Automated Invoice Processing and Auditing

  • Read bills in 102 countries for more than 420 vendors
  • Normalize bill content and interpret data
  • Automatic billing validations check for errors

 Security & Compliance

An increasing number of CIOs from global organizations are turning to TEM to help their companies achieve information security certifications (e.g. ISO 27001 and SSAE 16), for which it's important to demonstrate clear visibility in inventory management and cost control of their assets (devices, services, software licenses) Utilizing TEM will help enterprises to attain the certifications that their CEOs require to differentiate their companies in their respective markets.

In addition to supporting the purchasing of new devices, MDSL offer integrated value recovery services through our partners, to safely decommission and recycle old devices in compliance with environmental regulations. Not only does this significantly lessen the risk of any corporate data being exposed as old mobile devices, servers and other IT storage is retired and upgraded, but this approach can release significant monetary value back to corporate IT departments (but we said we wouldn't talk about cost savings, didn't we?)

 Find more about MDSL's TEM Solution here:  Telecom Expense Management

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Written by Joel Sadler