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TEM Cost Savings - 2. The Not So Obvious

May 20, 2016

Bob tells The Manager he wants 4G data. Bob wants to download PDFs and videos more quickly when he's out and about, so he can be more productive. Bob also wants to improve the load times of Tinder profiles, but he won't mention that.The Manager refuses, claiming telecom spend is already unexplainably high.

But is it all so unexplainable?

Here are 3 of TEM's Not so Obvious Savings

  • Cramming: Cramming occurs when small charges are added to a phone bill without the subscriber's consent. Dave from IT has had regular "premium" text messages about daily horoscopes and flirting tips crammed onto his contract by a third party, which he never asked for, did you Dave? ...Dave? The Network has also added thousands of mobile devices onto their "Premium Voicemail" service which offers voicemail, and... um... you can press 3 to delete things and...
  • Wrong Tariff Rates: The Company have had their hard-negotiated tariff rates changed from those agreed in their contract to the standard business rates, and their unlimited mobile data plans have been "upgraded" to a very much limited mobile data plan. Sneaky...
  • Duplicate Billing: The Manager's 128GB Gold Smartphone contract is being charged to the company on two different bills. And the company is receiving each of the bills twice. That's really going to add up...He's also being billed for a year's insurance every 3 months. Still, at least if anything goes wrong or... someone melts it down...

These costs really start to add up, and large corporations can waste millions on inefficient telecom spend. But  it can all be negated with MDSL's TEM Solution. 

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Written by Joel Sadler