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TEM Cost Savings- 5. Call Analysis

Jun 15, 2016

Bob wants to buy secure cloud storage to back up company devices. The Company’s competitors always seem to be one step ahead of them, and are undercutting them on every deal. Bob thinks they have access to the Company’s cloud data. The Competitors are also taunting him about secret details of his private life, which only fuels his theory.

The Manager tells Bob:

1. He’s just paranoid,
2. Secure cloud storage is something The Company simply cannot afford,
3. That sort of thing happens to a lot of guys.




  • Linda has been using her company mobile to vote on TV talent shows. This time she’s sent 5 texts in support of the Alsatian with the heart-warming backstory.

  • Prior to his departure, disgruntled ex-employee Shaun set up a command on his desk phone to ring the Speaking Clock every 3 minutes. Also, everyone from customer support rings it at 4:56 to engage their phones and ensure no lengthy calls keep them in the office after 5.
    (If anyone’s interested, at the third stroke, the time will be 10:22 and 40 seconds.)

  • 'HR Tony' starts every call through direct enquiries (on speed dial) because he has a chronic fear of buttons.

  • Since he moved into his new office with the shutters and the soundproofing and the door lock he insisted on, The Manager has been regularly calling… well, I don’t think I need to go on.

These are all real situations that have been uncovered by TEM's Call Analysis (well alright, maybe not the chronic fear of buttons…).

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Written by Joel Sadler