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TEM Cost Savings - 3. Negotiated Savings

May 27, 2016

The Manager has come under criticism for agreeing to some unfavorable deals in recent times. The Company's telecom contracts are coming up for renewal, and The Manager spies an opportunity.
"How can I make my mark on this deal?"

  • You Have A Choice
If you're unhappy with the price of your fixed-line telecoms from Drop Callz or the moblie service from  Incredibly Ltd, you can always change provider. Remember, vendors want your business, and will do what they can to ease the transition to their service. Changing vendors can result in a significant reduction on your telecom spend.

  • Remember to Negotiate
If you're a large company, telecom vendors really want your business. They would rather negotiate below their standard business rates than lose you to a competitor. Don't just accept the first figures you're quoted.

So are you going to negotiate now, Mr Manager?

"Yes, immediat-.... I mean, maybe..."

That's the spirit!


  • Monitor Contractual Commitments

Your provider may have negotiated a minimum annual spend in your contract, and you will be fined if you don't spend enough. Use a TEM solution to work out what your company needs so you can negotiate a more reasonable minimum spend in your next contract. 

  • Take Independent Expert Advice. 
In addition to using data to strenghten your negotiating position, consider taking independent advice from those with experience in the telecom industry. They can help you with your choice of vendor, offer insight into your spending habits and advise you on how to you approach negotiations.

MDSL can provide all this and more. To discover our TEM solution, please click below:


Telecom Expense Management

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Written by Joel Sadler