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What to Consider When Selecting or Switching to a New TEM Provider

By Calero-MDSL on Jun 4, 2018

The rate of change in technology-focused industries is giving some businesses a feeling of whiplash. But whether your company is caught in the confusion of trying to wrangle telecom expenses in-house or stuck in an unhappy marriage with their current TEM provider, it may be time to consider something new.

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4 min read

How the Most Successful Companies Use Automated Invoice Processing

By Calero-MDSL on May 31, 2018

The demand for telecom expense management (TEM) systems to leverage automation is increasing. Matching contracts with a high volume of invoices take financial teams too much time to execute and high error rates are inevitable. On top of that, manual operation of these complex tasks makes it nearly impossible for CIOs to extract any useful business intelligence from the data that comes out of their enterprise-wide TEM engagement.

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Achieving Automation Through eBonding

By Chris Baker on Apr 2, 2018

The emergence of automation in the workplace can come as no surprise. For more than 50 years, leaders in both business and government have been addressing the potential impacts of automation on different aspects of our personal and professional lives. But despite years of preparation for a more automated workplace, many businesses are still not taking full advantage of the rise of automation in business telecommunications.

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TEM: More than Cost Savings

By Joel Sadler on Jan 3, 2017

Most prospective customers primarily associate a TEM solution with cost savings, but there are other important benefits TEM can provide to enterprises.

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6 min read

Procurement versus Recurring Costs

By Joel Sadler on Sep 22, 2016

Why procurement won’t stop enterprises spending more than they should on technology services.

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Stability in the TEM Industry

By Joel Sadler on Jul 4, 2016

In recent years the reputation of the Telecom Expense Management market has been marred by certain suppliers over-promising and under-delivering, and recent lawsuits and big acquisitions have only added to the uncertainity. But these changes do not reflect the entire industry, and there is still a great deal of value in TEM.

MDSL believe in long-term, sustainable business relationships - our oldest customer has been with us ever since we began providing expense management solutions 21 years ago, and in every one of those years MDSL has been profitable, and MDSL has grown. That growth has been organic, not a result of constant mergers, takeovers and buying out the competition, avoiding the interruption to service that comes with such developments, and resulting in a single, consistent solution built from the ground up.

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MDSL's 'Industry View' in the Telegraph

By Joel Sadler on Jul 4, 2016

Why don’t most global enterprises know what they spend on IT?

Senior management want to understand the total cost of ownership of their IT assets. They want to know what they’re spending, where they’re spending it, and what they need to be spending. But no accounting department can provide this detailed information on their own.

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) Services and Solutions

By Calero-MDSL on Oct 7, 2015

Even when such problems are avoided, the growth of M2M systems has come at a significant cost to organizations choosing to deploy devices with cellular connectivity. Not only do the costs of the rate plans from the different mobile network providers need to be considered, but also the costs associated with the management of devices. This leaves significant opportunity for a number of inefficiencies to arise including fines for overuse of data or, on the opposite end of the scale, overpayment for underuse of data.

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MDSL Celebrates 20th Anniversary

By Calero-MDSL on Mar 2, 2015

MDSL, an award-winning provider of international Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management (MDM) solutions, celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. Two decades of growth and development providing cutting edge solutions to multinational organisations and major financial institutions has seen MDSL expand globally.

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MDSL Expands US Presence with New Office Opening

By Calero-MDSL on Jan 8, 2015

MDSL, an award-winning provider of international Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management solutions, this week opened its new office space in downtown Orlando, Florida.

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