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Stability in the TEM Industry

Jul 4, 2016

In recent years the reputation of the Telecom Expense Management market has been marred by certain suppliers over-promising and under-delivering, and recent lawsuits and big acquisitions have only added to the uncertainity. But these changes do not reflect the entire industry, and there is still a great deal of value in TEM.

MDSL believe in long-term, sustainable business relationships - our oldest customer has been with us ever since we began providing expense management solutions 21 years ago, and in every one of those years MDSL has been profitable, and MDSL has grown. That growth has been organic, not a result of constant mergers, takeovers and buying out the competition, avoiding the interruption to service that comes with such developments, and resulting in a single, consistent solution built from the ground up.


A large number of customers migrate to our solution after bad experiences, having been lured in by vendors favouring short-term price bids instead of long-term customer satisfaction.

Our stakeholders haven't changed and our founder Ben Mendoza remains CEO to this day. This stability has allowed MDSL to maintain a clear direction in improving our global expense management solution, and laid the foundation to develop features such as our fully functioning eBonding solution, with enterprise customers relying on it daily as they make hundreds of transactions. 

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Written by Joel Sadler