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Organizations are migrating to find an efficient TEM provider

Aug 21, 2015

More recently, in 2013, Gartner observed many big name businesses were dissatisfied with their current TEM provider and due to this, were taking steps to migrate to other market leaders for their services. Analysts found that these brands were willing to pay a premium rate for expert delivery of TEM solutions, demonstrating their will to move to another provider should targets not be met. Gartner attributed this trend for dissatisfaction to the inability of some TEM providers to effectively understand the role their solution provides to businesses.

So has this trend in customer frustration over their TEM provider continued into 2015? Data analysed by MDSL would suggest this is the case. In the first half of this year, 53% of the new clients to MDSL were migrating from other TEM providers in the market. The figures show that should businesses become dissatisfied with their TEM solution, they are now taking action to find better alternatives.

It’s vital that organisations are aware of the potential losses associated with ineffective TEM solutions. As financial spend increases, companies will struggle to improve their performance against the high costs of communications spend. Productivity is also impacted when the potential efficiencies for telecoms usage are not reached.

MDSL are experienced at providing clients with TEM solutions across a wide range of international industries, delivering in-depth reporting and insights into savings. Optimizing communications spend within an agreed time frame with clients is a key objective for MDSL. We are currently seeing a number of clients, who have migrated to our solution, already profiting significantly from TEM savings.

For more information please visit: https://www.mdsl.com/telecom-expense-management/migration-to-mdsl

Written by Calero-MDSL