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MDSL's Technology Expense Management User Group & Showcase

Sep 30, 2016

This month, MDSL held its Technology Expense Management User Group and Showcase at the Blue Fin Venue in London. It allowed us to meet our clients and prospective clients face to face, and show them the roadmap for the future development of our platform.

The event began with a User Group attended by MDSL's clients from all over Europe, in which Mark Bellingham and Carla Mendoza delivered a keynote speech on how clients can "Break Through the TEM Wall" and deploy MDSL's TEM solution further across their global estates to drive efficiencies and maximise the impact of MDSL's processes. The User Group provided a great opportunity for our clients to meet each other and discuss how to get the most out of TEM, and we were able to record some helpful feedback on what we're doing well, and what improvements clients would like to see on our platform.


This was followed by a showcase, featuring a speech by CEO Ben Mendoza on: 

  • The State of the Technology Expense Management Industry
  • Emerging Markets (Cloud Services / Hosted Applications, M2M and IT Asset Management)
  • MDSL's Single Extensible Platform.

It was a chance to bring the technical experts from each area of our platform together to provide live product demos and advice to customers and prospective clients, and explain how MDSL's Extensible platform allows companies to manage all their technology expenses in one place.


This was followed by a Round Table discussion where prospective customers were able to hear about the experience and business relationship our clients have with MDSL. Several explained it was very reassuring to hear this first-hand from customers who have been with MDSL for many years.




Preparations are underway for a similar event in the US.


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Written by Joel Sadler