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MDSL's 'Industry View' in the Telegraph

Jul 4, 2016

Why don’t most global enterprises know what they spend on IT?

Senior management want to understand the total cost of ownership of their IT assets. They want to know what they’re spending, where they’re spending it, and what they need to be spending. But no accounting department can provide this detailed information on their own.

The sphere of “IT ” no longer covers just desktop computers and landline phones; it now incorporates laptops, mobiles, tablets, terminals, software, cloud computing, servers – and tech pricing is moving away from one-time purchases to recurring costs. Inefficiency in business can be defined as spending more money than necessary to arrive at the same result.

As companies grow, it becomes more difficult to ensure they are paying only for what they use and at the negotiated rates. For example, in the UK, enterprises are spending £1,272 per mobile device per annum. This represents an average overspend of £352 per device, equating to £3.7billion per year for British businesses.

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Written by Joel Sadler