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MDSL User Group and Showcase Dallas 2017 sponsored by Arrow Value Recovery Services

Apr 21, 2017

This April, MDSL hosted its annual User Group and Showcase at the Four Seasons in Dallas, with support from Arrow Value Recovery Services. It was a great opportunity for our customers to both find out exactly what development work had been completed on our platform over the last 12 months, as well as a chance for them to give their feedback in order to shape the development efforts for the next year.  



 Our customers and guests were also given the opportunity to tour the nearby Arrow disposition facility to see first-hand how hardware and mobile devices are safely and securely recycled. After touring Arrow's facilities, customers and guests were invited to a reception where the fantastic Brother Strut performed. 


 Ryan Laber, Global Director for Mobility Services at Arrow Value Recovery.

 On the main event day keynote speeches by Carla Mendoza, Program Manager at MDSL and Felix Lau, Director of Global Services, kept all attendees up-to-date with MDSL’s latest integration work. Arrow Value Recovery’s Global Director for Mobility Services, Ryan Laber also gave a keynote speech informing our attendees of the best practices of mobility disposition. The time between all the speeches gave our customers and guests plenty of opportunity to have a look at our Showcase pods. Here, attendees could ask deep dive questions as well as receive live demos of any part of our solution from MDSL’s technical staff.  


 We have received great feedback from customers and guests about the show, the networking chances and feedback opportunities the event has provided.

We are looking forward to hosting our next annual showcase in Chicago 2018. We hope to see even more attendees next year, and will be excited to show off our next 12 months of development and again take on board all of the vital feedback from our customers, that helps us keep our solution at the very cutting edge of the industry.

Written by Calero-MDSL