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MDSL Redefines Implementation Process and Enhances Client Experience

Jul 19, 2018

As competitors announce plans to move clients to new platforms, MDSL continues to define leadership in software innovation and professional services

MDSL, a global leader in Technology Expense Management ("TEM") solutions, has announced a refined implementation methodology to bring MDSL’s award-winning solutions to production faster than ever before. The process was put into place at the beginning of April and has shown vast improvements for new client implementations in both speed and client satisfaction. MDSL manages technology, telecom, and mobility environments that span billions of annual dollars in spend, thousands of service types, and numerous carriers in over 100 countries.

“Regardless of whether an enterprise is selecting MDSL as their first TEM provider or they are moving to MDSL from a competitor, they will undoubtedly face a variety of challenges when implementing a TEM solution,” says Daman Wood, Chief Operating Officer at MDSL. “MDSL continues to refine the process of onboarding our new customers with an emphasis on ease of use and ensuring that inventory accuracy is at the center of our engagements, all while accelerating the timeline for go-live.”

After undergoing a vigorous process review, coupled with their deep industry experience, MDSL redefined their longstanding implementation methodology to rigorously measure critical KPIs throughout the journey and provide collaborative feedback to all project stakeholders. Utilizing an agile delivery process and internally developed automation tools, MDSL showcases progress within the platform early and often, promoting customer control, efficiency, and accuracy. Each step of the process is aided by MDSL experts around the globe that act as trusted advisors while configuring and deploying client systems to fit their unique requirements.

“We set out to enhance an already great process by upping the ante in the marketplace, both for customers new to TEM and customers coming over from a competitor” added Josh Sokoloff, VP Professional Services at MDSL. “MDSL's world class methodology enables our implementation teams to maximize customer ROI using the market leading MDSL TEM solutions faster than ever before. We are interested in customers for life and I'm very pleased to see these significant investments result in exceptional customer experience.”

The TEM market has experienced mass consolidation and large competitors have announced intentions to move customers from platform to platform over the next 3-5 year period. As a result, enterprises are anticipating disruption to their TEM programs and the continuity of the services they receive. MDSL’s robust implementation services methodology, alongside their innovative software platform, provides a tried and trusted alternative to these untested internal migrations.

As mentioned in the January 2018 research report from AOTMP, MDSL’s automation promotes efficiency by speeding up the transition time once MDSL teams and systems have validated and scrubbed all data, including cost centers, location lists, product catalog, and inventory. Standard validation efforts include invoice-to-inventory and contract cross-checking with human resources and department managers for device ownership, and identifying any fixed or wireless exceptions that require fixes.

“This is crucial,” said Scott Lawrence, VP and Senior Research Analyst at AOTMP. “Any time a TEM vendor can significantly reduce your time and effort during the transition process is a good thing.”

Written by Rob Stratton