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MDSL Connections Conference Arizona

Jun 25, 2018

This year’s US Connections Conference was held at the Scottsdale Plaza in Arizona. It was an opportunity for our Technology Expense Management (TEM) customers to network with other IT professionals, see the latest developments on the MDSL platform, and influence the product roadmap. It brought together representatives from 32 different companies across global enterprise, public sector, and university clients.

The first MDSL event since the successful conclusion of integration activities between MDSL and Telesoft in Q1, it was a great opportunity to introduce clients to the new MDSL. CEO Charles Layne kicked off the conference with an update on MDSL and the TEM industry, and reasserted MDSL’s innovative and customer-centric approach to become the global market leader. Throughout the event there were numerous other updates on the progress made and new possibilities across operations and technology, with many customers commenting that it was good to hear from the new management structure and to understand how MDSL intends to operate now and into the future.

There was a heavy focus on emerging technologies with a special breakout session discussing the best practices for managing cloud services and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. A solutions showcase profiled the latest and greatest MDSL solutions across a variety of pods. MDSL CTO Simon Mendoza provided a Technology Preview presentation, showcasing integrations available at various stages of the technology life-cycle and discussed how the MDSL platform can be used to understand an organization's 'Complete Technology Total Cost of Ownership', incorporating data from Telecom, Cloud, FinTech, IoT and IT assets.


MDSL's Head of Alliances Durvin Sandiford, led a roundtable discussion in which MDSL clients and staff shared challenges and gave advice on a range of topics including selection of vendors, implementation, and steady state services.

It  was fantastic to meet face to face with customers and hear their IT challenges. Several clients shared their experiences of using the full range of MDSL services, including Managed Pay, Managed Mobility Services and various integrations.

At the end of day one, MDSL clients and staff enjoyed a night out together at Arizona's Octane Raceway for food, drinks, fun and racing.

Race Track

Thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

Written by Rob Stratton