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MDSL Chairman Ben Mendoza inducted into the Inside Market Data Hall of Fame

May 31, 2018

Ben Mendoza, Chairman of MDSL, a global leader in Technology Expense Management ("TEM") and Market Data Management (“MDM”) solutions, has been inducted into the Inside Market Data Hall of Fame.

Following the North American Financial Information Summit conference in New York on May 23, Mendoza was recognized during the IMD/IRD Awards Evening for his influence in the market data industry and being the first to develop a digital platform for managing market data inventory and data costs. Mendoza continues efforts to streamline data management, bringing efficiencies to the industry while inspiring a community of rival platforms, encouraging competition and innovation.

“I’m extremely honored to be inducted into the Market Data Hall of Fame and join such a prestigious group of past inductees,” said Mendoza. “To be recognized by my peers is something truly special. My thanks go out to all those colleagues that have helped me and MDSL set the standards for Market Data Management across the industry.”

Mendoza founded MDSL in 1995 with a vision to create an expense management solution for the complex market data subscription services for financial enterprises, eventually expanding into similar technology spend categories including telecom, mobility, cloud, and IoT technologies. To this day, MDSL are world leaders in Technology Expense Management Solutions, Market Data Management and related services and partner with enterprises to provide clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings across their global technology estates.

“We introduced the Inside Market Data Hall of Fame in 2010, marking IMD’s 25-year anniversary by inducting 25 industry leaders who had each contributed something unique—whether it be building a data terminal that revolutionized the industry, being an iconic personality who could drive others to succeed, striking ambitious mergers and acquisitions deals, or pulling people together to form the first data industry associations and user groups,” said Max Bowie, editor of Inside Market Data and Inside Data Management. “This year’s inductee to the Inside Market Data Hall of Fame, Ben Mendoza, recognized the principle that you can’t manage something if you can’t measure it, and set about mapping data services to consumers and their usage, creating the first market data inventory management platform. This in turn spurred greater automation and innovation by competitors, leading to a new business area within the market data industry, and ultimately delivering better cost management across financial firms.”

About MDSL: 
MDSL was founded in 1995 with a vision to provide financial trading organizations with tools to drastically improve the management of their market data costs. Today, MDSL's Market Data Manager solution is the de-facto standard for market data cost management, providing specialist multi-currency market data inventory management, contract management, invoice reconciliation and reporting for over 75 financial institutions around the world. In recent years, MDSL has developed a number of other solutions aimed at the financial sector, providing management for index licenses, benchmark regulations, client trading costs and application compliance reviews.

About the Inside Market Data Hall of Fame: 
The Inside Market Data Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who- through their ability to create new products, inspire actions in others, or take it upon themselves to effect change – have contributed to shaping the market data industry, and whose legacies continue to produce innovation and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Previous inductees include the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg and Telerate founder Neil Hirsch.

Written by Rob Stratton