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MACD Activity: Why it Helps Companies Save Time & Money

For those unaware, MACD is an acronym that describes a move, an add, a change or a disconnection of service. MACD is an integral part of TEM (Telecom Expense Management) because it helps to save companies time and money by eliminating mistakes and redundancies.

How It Affects Your Inventory And Business

Whenever an employee joins the company, leaves the company, requires additional or upgraded services or gets transferred to a different department, there is likely going to be a need to evaluate their equipment and service packages. Because business happens at a breakneck pace, with offices closing and opening quickly, it’s tough for management to track of all of the telecom services the company employs. Also, the rapid change that occurs within the wireless industry presents new challenges to telecom management. Services and lines are often added or disconnected on a daily basis. That’s why it’s vital to your company that you thoroughly track and manage your MACD activity, and why it’s crucial that your telecom expense management company or team understand and implement this practice on a regular basis.

The Benefits of MACD Tracking

As mentioned, telecom services and plans change quickly as do the statuses of employees within the company. When you have staffing changes, or when you open or close a branch, it’s vital that your TEM team be in the know as to what services are being used so they can make adjustments accordingly. For example, let’s say you have an employee that’s using a company wireless phone with an unlimited data plan. If that employee leaves, it’s important to get that line and plan disconnected as quickly as possible before the next billing cycle, or you’re paying for something you’re not using. That’s wasted money.

Also, let’s say you have a new hire who needs services that allow them to work remotely. Your TEM team has to be on this to provide the proper equipment and the right service as soon as possible so they employee can be productive right off the bat.

Another benefit to tracking MACD is that it keeps your telecom inventory updated, which reduces costs by eliminating unused or outdated equipment and monitoring any equipment that is still hooked up to a service, but that’s not in use. Having your TEM team perform regular tracking of MACD means your company saves money.

Benefits of Managed Service

For medium and large companies, it’s common for their telecom infrastructure to be complicated. When you throw in IT infrastructure and combine that with wireless, and BYOD, it can become downright unwieldy.

With a myriad of services used by the company, dealing with service contracts, invoices, and keeping track of the allocating of equipment and services is usually too much to handle in-house. To successfully navigate this technological forest, you need a professional crew who know the ins and outs of telecom management because they’re focused solely on ensuring your company is getting the best bang for the buck when it comes to what they spend on telecom infrastructure. Doing this kind of work in-house may appear cheaper, but when you consider what you’re paying in employee time (it’s literally a full-time job), and the mistakes you may miss due to the lack of training, it’s usually cheaper to hire a professional.

It’s not uncommon for large firms to save millions of dollars by merely using a MACD management service.

Hooking Up With TEM

Some TEM service providers are capable of handling MACD, while others are not. TEM providers are the right choice to pair with MACD because a good TEM team is already familiar with your IT and telecom infrastructure. Most TEM providers are adept at tracking MACDs, which is a complex activity because of the challenges that go along with adding, transferring or disconnecting services. You need a competent crew to stay on top of billing and invoicing when these changes occur to ensure you’re not getting billed for services you no longer have and are getting the best price on the services you’re purchasing. With many connections, disconnection, transfer service requests going on every week within most medium to large companies, a TEM provider adept at tracking MACDs is a must have.

Also, TEM providers provide accurate tracking of your inventory and perform granular audits of your invoicing to ensure you’re not being overcharged or double charged or hit with a late fee for non-payment.

Telecom expense management is designed to save your company money and ensure you’re getting the best service for the money you spend. The great thing about using a TEM provider is that most firms work on an outsourced basis, which means you’re not losing any office space or time by having to manage more employees. A full-service TEM provider handles the drudgery of invoice processing, disputes with carriers, invoice auditing, ordering and deploying new services and equipment, managing chargebacks, and managing inventory as it relates to MACD. To put it bluntly, they do the work that no one else wants to do while also saving you money.