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Find the Right Rates with TrueSense™

Dec 10, 2020

What does it take to make sure you’re getting the best possible rate for the telecom services your company depends on? Say hello to TrueSense™ from Calero-MDSL, an enterprise telecom benchmarking solution.

What Would You Need to Know?

When seeking and negotiating better rates, or simply doing financial planning, telecom managers know the leverage they bring to the table. The size of their company in terms of how many trunks, circuits, endpoints, and services they use. They know well that the fewer providers they use, the more they spend with a specific vendor, the more buying power they have.

The question then becomes what other companies of similar size in similar markets are being charged for similar services. In other words, are there better rates available than what they’re currently paying? Do they need to ask why they’re not getting the same price as others? Do they need to consider switching providers? Do they perhaps need to consider changing the types of services they consume?

What Would It Take to Know That?

Knowing what rates others are paying is not a simple thing to achieve. Even if you ask colleagues at those other companies, they may not share that information with you. They may provide inaccurate information. They may not be allowed to share that information.

As many other pricing systems do, you could also ask salespeople, but you have no way of knowing how accurate they will be, especially if you’re comparing rates on a global basis.

What you need is a resource that collects all kinds of information about telecom services all over the world, extensively analyzes that data, and can provide reporting on telecom pricing based on size of customer company, types of services used, location, and more.

Introducing TrueSense™ 

Calero-MDSL constantly surveys telecom market conditions around the world when seeking and negotiating rates from various providers for clients. Fully automated operations collect all their research. This creates and maintains a huge database of rates, terms, and specifications from around the world.

Data from Calero-MDSL experts around the world are then aggregated to enable extensive analysis. The system also “normalizes” that data. Different carriers offer similar services, but with different names. Everyone has their own pricing and discount programs which seldom align with their competition. Calero-MDSL analysts resolve these differences enabling their consultants to provide accurate, useful information to clients.

TrueSense™ enables extensive descriptive analysis of the wide variety of services for a broad cross-section of customers of varying size and type. It then applies statistical analysis to make it possible to provide deeper insight into which conditions create which pricing opportunities. For example, what proportion of customers who are similar to your company size are getting pricing significantly lower or higher than yours?

The TrueSense™ predictive analytics model also incorporates historical pricing performance over time, performing pattern recognition to forecast how pricing for various services will change over time.

This brings true insight and a true sense of how the pricing they’re receiving compares with peer organizations worldwide. The dynamic  TrueSense™ user interface makes it easy for the client to easily leverage the global market intelligence of Calero-MDSL to their own advantage. For the first time, telecom managers can confidently negotiate and obtain the best possible pricing for each service they use.

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Written by Stephanie O'Malley