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Ditch Manual Processes to Give Your Business a Boost with Automation

Jun 12, 2019

Automation makes our lives easier. It gives us clarity and consistency, eliminating many laborious manual tasks (and the accompanying, inevitable human error).

We know that technology professionals are increasingly strapped for time and resources as pressure mounts in a competitive, fast-paced environment. Much of that pressure on IT teams can be alleviated by automating their technology expense reporting and business intelligence, enabling enterprises to more quickly access insights to get in control of – and cut down on – costs.

Get Instant Access to High-Quality and Relevant Data

Before automation was a widely viable option in the IT world, teams had to work much harder to manually scrape together the data needed to make key business decisions. Users had to export the raw data into an Excel spreadsheet to analyze and share. In addition, skilled programmers were required to make any needed changes to the often static, canned reports. Relying on number crunchers and programmers took extra time and called for specific skill sets that most companies can no longer afford. And even once the information was collected, IT and financial professionals couldn’t easily manipulate the data to create predictive or prescriptive analytics.

For example, the old way of doing things involved creating a static report with a list of phones that have no usage for three consecutive months. In order to verify whether the phone hasn’t been utilized, companies needed to call each number individually: it could be an emergency phone, a backup or a brand-new device. The process was rife with uncertainty, couldn’t keep pace with changing circumstances and required additional time and manpower.

With modern, automated dashboards that are integrated with HR and Mobile Device Management systems, enriched and relevant data like last log-in and employee status is accessible right when you need it. It reduces the amount of time spent sifting through and connecting data from other sources to deliver current, actionable insights related to usages, device reassignment and more. It also gives IT professionals the ability to make swift, confident decisions.

Create More Meaningful Reports

You recognize that not every employee at your company needs the same information – a CIO needs access to different data than someone in operations. So why shouldn’t their data reflect these individual role responsibilities? Today, many modern business intelligence dashboards are built with a user-first mindset. With an agile and automated business intelligence platform, individual technology professionals can personalize what data they see and how it’s displayed without needing vendor intervention — it’s quick, easy and cost-effective. 

Further, setting specific and detailed thresholds that automatically trigger certain reports at certain times, allows for immediate analysis and action. It leads to targeted, timely reports and improved productivity at all levels of the business. Enterprises that automate have a pulse on all changes within their telecom and mobile inventories, clarifying opportunities to achieve savings and business goals in real time.

Let’s say a few employees are travelling abroad and their devices are roaming internationally without the appropriate data plans. In the past, the company might not realize this type of usage until a month later when they receive an expensive bill. Now, with automated reporting dashboards, exceeding certain data thresholds can trigger an alert that is emailed immediately to the IT administrator to take the needed actions. Instead of waiting around for costly consequences, companies are able to immediately recognize and resolve the issue.

Take Your Business Intelligence to the Next Level

In high-pressure, quickly changing environments, technology professionals need enriched and actionable data to remain in control. The old, manual way of extracting data is too slow and too laborious – and often only resulted in outdated information. In today’s fast-paced economy, it simply won’t do.

Automation has expanded technology professionals’ capabilities, allowing them to perform at their highest potential. With MDSL’s cutting-edge business intelligence technology, reports are automatically, seamlessly created and available in real-time¬, without requiring significant manual processing. The result is meaningful business insights, necessary to reach company goals in record time.

For more information on how MDSL can improve your reporting and business intelligence with smart automation click here.

Written by Felix Lau