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Challenges facing Procurement Leaders

Dec 4, 2015

A guest blog from MDSL Sales Director for TEM, and industry thought leader, Philippe Lignac.

Recently MDSL sponsored ProcureCon IT Europe in Amsterdam, and I spent two days talking with Procurement Leaders from across Europe about their current challenges with mobility and telecom costs. 

It was an insightful couple of days and we had some great conversations with people who are exploring, or already using TEM solutions, across Europe. 

One of the main concerns we discussed is the difficulty in being able to effectively capture and control spend across the different carriers and countries, especially in Europe (this is also a concern globally). This is a challenge facing many enterprises operating across Europe with different carriers operating in different countries, meaning multiple contracts to be signed and various tariffs to manage in different currencies. 

MDSL’s TEM solution provides enterprises with a smart way of managing their telecom costs. By reading all the invoices in the country where they operate and normalizing the spend categories, customers can have clear and concise spend visibility be able to compare between countries, taking the first step towards clear policy management and cost reduction. It enables us to benchmark your contracts and current rates and provide you with a contract negotiation strategy.

Of course on a recurrent basis, the MDSL TEM solution effectively manages your costs, and also achieves savings through ensuring correct contract terms and costs are adhered to, as well as finding more suitable tariffs for your users to be on. 

To find out more visit www.mdsl.com/telecom-expense-management and talk to our experienced team for the best solution we can provide for you.

 Philippe Lignac

Sales Director - TEM, MDSL

Written by Calero-MDSL