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Steps to Shift Your Organizational Focus from Basic Control and Compliance to Spend Optimization

By Felix Lau on Sep 11, 2019

Let’s think big.

A multi-national company operating in about 1,000 locations spread among more than 25 countries will likely require 30,000 telecom circuits of varying kinds to support perhaps 400,000 phone extensions costing about $150,000,000 per year. Each month anywhere from 3% to 5% of those circuits and phone extensions get added, disconnected, upgraded, downgraded or otherwise changed.

12,900 to 21,500 changes. Who is keeping track of all that? How? And how many mistakes may be made each month? Overcharges, undercharges, charges for disconnected services, services that should have been disconnected but weren’t.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom Digital Transformation
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