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3 min read

Managing International Vendor Relationships and Negotiating Favorable Agreements

By Calero-MDSL on Jan 4, 2021

Technology Expense Management (TEM) starts delivering value to clients far sooner than many might expect.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom Digital Transformation
1 min read

COVID-19 Enterprise Comms: 3 Tips for Technology Managers

By Calero-MDSL on Mar 30, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 is having significant implications on organizations as they attempt to navigate diminishing or interrupted supply chains, increased mobile usage across remote employees and bandwidth utilization challenges.

To address these issues, we’ve put together a comprehensive webinar to help you successfully mitigate the potential impacts to your business during this time of uncertainty.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom Industry Trends
6 min read

Managing Cloud Expenses Across a Hybrid Cloud Environment

By Calero-MDSL on Mar 25, 2020

Mastering the Tangled Web of Cloud Expense Management

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom SaaS
4 min read

5 Best Practices for Managing Your Mobile Workforce in the Age of COVID-19

By Calero-MDSL on Mar 18, 2020

If your business continuity plan calls for an increase in your remote workforce, your organization is likely prioritizing the enablement of employees across the globe with access to corporate networks and data remotely, securely, and efficiently. As organizations rush to support the work from home mandate amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they must be fully prepared to address the unique challenges that mobility presents.  If managed incorrectly, remote employees could end up costing organizations more money in unnecessary mobile expenditures, compliance issues and productivity loss.  To address these challenges, we’ve put together several best practices to help you successfully navigate and mitigate the potential impacts to your business during this time of uncertainty.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Mobility Telecom
8 min read

Architecting an Effective Enterprise Taxonomy is the Key to Cloud Expense Management

By Calero-MDSL on Jan 29, 2020

Updated January 18, 2022

Cloud Services Can Provide Much Greater Insights for Expense Management

Telecom carriers offer little ability to customize the data structure of their telecom invoices. For the most part, invoice reports are architected from the carrier’s perspective (i.e., with emphasis on what needs to be paid). This structure is primarily due to regulatory and compliance standards around USOC (Universal Service Ordering Code), tariffs, rates, service types and products and automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). As a result, organizations must create workarounds that programmatically correlate the only customer-defined field in the invoice (i.e., the subaccount) with the appropriate cost center owner. They must also augment other information in the invoice feed to ensure the expenses are properly allocated in accordance to the current cost center assignments.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom SaaS
7 min read

How Stakeholders Derive Value from an Effective Cloud Expense Management Program

By Calero-MDSL on Jan 20, 2020

As enterprises continue to transfer more of their technology infrastructure to the cloud, business service professionals across the IT sector are being forced to rethink their mission, objectives, strategy and tactics.  In this blog we will explain the what, why and where the migration to cloud ushers in many more impactful opportunities for IT professionals to provide value to their organizations.  As part of this paradigm shift, IT professionals will be able to evolve into strategic enablers by establishing new dimensions of collaboration to help their business units optimize technology investments and eliminate potential risks.  We will categorize the impact of cost savings opportunities by either direct short-term actions versus long-term programs.  In subsequent blogs we’ll provide additional clarification and best practice recommendations for IT managers to understand how to implement these cost savings objectives.

Let’s start this conversation with outlining the five areas where an effective cloud expense management program can help optimize the use of leased cloud technologies.

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom SaaS
4 min read

10 Tips for Writing a Great TEM RFP

By Calero-MDSL on Jan 14, 2020

Companies today spend a staggering amount on IT, technology and telecom services. Global spending on hardware, software, services and telecommunications is set to reach $4.8 trillion in 2023, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Topics: Technology Expense Management Telecom
4 min read

How the Most Successful Companies Use Automated Invoice Processing

By Calero-MDSL on May 31, 2018

The demand for telecom expense management (TEM) systems to leverage automation is increasing. Matching contracts with a high volume of invoices take financial teams too much time to execute and high error rates are inevitable. On top of that, manual operation of these complex tasks makes it nearly impossible for CIOs to extract any useful business intelligence from the data that comes out of their enterprise-wide TEM engagement.

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