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Alistair Brooker

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3 min read

Save Time and Reduce Risks with Effective Vendor Data Notifications

By Alistair Brooker on Jul 13, 2021

Data notifications received from vendors are being sent in increasing volumes and becoming harder for IT teams to manage. Many are not customer-specific and are irrelevant, causing unwanted “noise” and making it harder to spot the important changes that can impact your business. 

Topics: Market Data Management managed pay MDM market data services IT procurement fintech
4 min read

Market Data Expense Management 2021: Customer-Driven Innovation and Automation

By Alistair Brooker on Jun 29, 2021

Fund managers in major financial services organizations and major banks truly depend upon a robust feed of market data to support their critical decision making. With trillions on the line its really no wonder that market data is in their top five expense items, topping $30 Billion in total spend in 2020. 

Topics: Market Data Management IT Finance digital transformation MDM 2021 trends
5 min read

Vendor Data Notifications

By Alistair Brooker on Mar 26, 2021

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing.

Topics: Market Data Management Index License Management MDM market data services data services vendors market data vendors
4 min read

Market Data Management Outlook for 2020

By Alistair Brooker on May 5, 2020

In 2020 the need to do more with less will continue to rise for those managing market data for their companies. Many financial institutions are looking for opportunities to introduce automation and integration to cut costs, while maintaining their service during transition.

Topics: Market Data Management Financial Technology Management MDM market data services fintech
5 min read

Market Data Management (MDM) for Market Data Vendors

By Alistair Brooker on Mar 11, 2020

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” An article in The Economist from 2017 first informed us that “data is the new oil.” A year earlier a post on the IBM Business Analytics blog suggested that “data is the new bacon,” adding, “It sizzles; it’s crispy; it’s essential to the complete buffet.”

Topics: Technology Expense Management Market Data Management MDM market data services market data vendors fintech
7 min read

Calero-MDSL Recognized with Best Market Data Inventory Platform at the 2020 TradingTech Insight Europe Awards

By Alistair Brooker on Feb 27, 2020

Industry-leading provider receives award for its innovative approach to delivering a robust market data management platform

Calero-MDSL, a leading provider of Technology Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management (MDM) solutionshas been awarded Best Market Data Inventory Platform at the A-Team Group TradingTech Insight Awards – Europe 2020. The company received the honor during the award ceremony which took place in London on Tuesday, February 25th. 

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